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Cover of Chameleon

Maynard Ferguson — Chameleon

The first “jazz” album I purchased. If I am remembering correctly, sometime in 1976 I walked into the Hutchinson, KS high school band room for rehearsal and band director Tom McSwain was playing this album on the stereo.

High, fast and loud! I was hooked.

For you trombone geeks, this (from Wikipedia): Jerry Johnson played all bass trombone parts using "false-pedaltones" on a 2B!

Cover of One From the Heart

Crystal Gayle, Tom Waits — One From the Heart

This is the soundtrack from the Francis Ford Coppola film. Everything was filmed indoors with lots of Las Vegas style lighting of outsized visual props. (At one point we see Nastassja Kinski playing an olive in a giant martini glass.) Terri Garr and Frederic Forrest play the struggling lovers.

The songs by Tom Waits are perfect and Cystal Gale's pitch precise singing answers Waits' grumpy growl to sublime effect. Check out The Wages of Love from the opening medley.

Cover of In From The Edge

Jeff Brown — In From The Edge

Cover of The Melody at Night, With You

Keith Jarrett — The Melody at Night, With You

Beautiful solo piano. The rendition of I Loves You Porgy is gorgeous.

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