From the Penguin Guide to Jazz Core Collection

Cover of Chris

Chris (1956)

Chris Connor

Cover of Time Out

Time Out (1959)

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Cover of Unity

Unity (1965)

Larry Young

Cover of Ode

Ode (1972)

London Jazz Composers‘ Orchestra

Cover of Home

Home (1982)

David Murray Octet

Cover of J Mood

J Mood (1986)

Wynton Marsalis

Cover of Ming

Ming (1993)

David Murray Octet

Cover of Body and Soul

Body and Soul (1996)

Coleman Hawkins, Coleman Hawkins‘ 52nd Street All Stars

Cover of Quiet

Quiet (1996)

John Scofield

Cover of New Works

New Works (1999)

Bob Brookmeyer New Art Orchestra