TracksTrack Artist
1 Annabelle 5:09 Macy Gray
2 Crush 3:40 Meiko
3 Have You Ever Seen The Rain 3:22 Casey Abrams
4 The Nearness Of You 5:03 Camille Thurman
5 Bye Bye Love 2:53 Livingston Taylor
6 Something So Right 6:20 Alexis Cole
7 Little Crimes 3:28 Melissa Menago
8 Down By The Riverside 2:42 Noah Wall
9 Excitable Boy 2:53 John McEuen
10 Changes For Monk And Trane 8:05 Mark Whitfield
11 Painting No.5 4:58 David Chesky
Alexis Cole Leader
Camille Thurman Leader
Casey Abrams Leader
David Chesky Leader
John McEuen Leader
Livingston Taylor Leader
Macy Gray Leader
Mark Whitfield Leader
Meiko Leader
Melissa Menago Leader
Noah Wall Leader